Make your business more efficient and productive with G Suite

G Suite offers general productivity tools that is used by most if not every business. Starting from email, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, calendar, notes, chat, audio calls, video conferencing, tasks and storage, up to real-time collaboration. Since G Suite is cloud-based, it is always available for both mobile and desktop platforms. The sharing feature is one of the best features of G Suite as it helps the user prepare customized access to every work done using G Suite.


We came up with comparison between traditional tools and workflow versus G Suite in the post – Why switch from traditional business tools to G Suite? – and showed some scenarios where G Suite proves its productivity and efficiency than traditional workflow.

G Suite Today

Here are the core applications included in G Suite as of 2019.

  • Gmail ​- Email application
  • Google Drive ​- Cloud storage
  • Google Docs ​- Word processing application
  • Google Sheets ​- Spreadsheet application
  • Google Slides ​- Presentation application
  • Google Keep ​- Note organizer application
  • Calendar ​- Shared calendar
  • Hangouts Meet​ – Video conferencing
  • Hangouts Chat​ – Messaging inside Gmail
  • Jamboard Service​ – Real-time collaboration
  • Google+​ – Social profile service
  • Groups for Business​ – Create groups within organization
  • Google Sites ​- Create sites within organization
  • Tasks ​- Tool to keep track of tasks

Switch to G Suite

We provide basic package which includes five (5) user accounts comprised of one (1) super administrator and four (4) regular users.

Next would be a package of 10 user accounts and higher packages with increments of 10. We charge for administrative fee and integration fee.

We will provide installation, on-premise training and support for the duration of contract.

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