Top Challenges of Philippine Applicants as of June 2019

The Philippine Applicants for Immersion, OJT, Internship, Freelance and Day Job, a Facebook Group that we manage, asked some Philippine applicants, “What is the most challenging thing you experience being an applicant?” in a Membership Question somewhere between January and July 2019.

The following table contains the top challenges based from 1,000 new applicants that willingly answered the membership question. The original report is created using Google Data Studio.

Exams and interview 186
Applying with limited budget 46
Poor recruitment process 150
Unfamiliar or far location 69
Pressure on the application process 62
Finding work related to course 51
Rejection or unresponsive recruiter 244
Finding company to apply 85
Finding a company willing to train 40
Others 67

Summarized then picked in random, we posted their answers. The link below will send you to the actual Facebook image, inside the album.

There is an obvious need to streamline the entire hiring process to help Philippine applicants connect to recruiters and employers with ease. With the current status, both employers and applicants were wasting resources and precious time due to the, generally, mediocre process.

Education should be backed by good transition process from school, application, hiring, up to employment. I wonder if the schools, the government, and business owners are aware of this. Please help by sharing so we could gain traction and make this problem visible to responsible authorities.

DONJON Philippines is managing a Facebook group primarily consisting of applicants, recruiters and employers. The aim of the group is to help applicants of Work Immersion, OJT (On-the-Job Training), Internship, Freelance and Shift Job positions find the right company suitable to their preferences. Feel free to participate in the group by joining.


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